Introduction of Li Song Lang Primary School Shenzhen

Li Song Lang Primary School from Guangming New District of Shenzhen was founded in 1954. It’s a school with good spirit, rigorous style of teaching and proper style of study. It’s a cradle for large numbers of outstanding talents.

Li Song Lang Primary School covers 32,660 square meters and it’s a school with reasonable layout, beautiful environment and strong cultural atmosphere. The conditions of the school operation are being modernized year by year and “High aspiration, ceaseless self-improvement” is the school’s motto. The school will thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development and shift the development mode from extensive to intensive. And it will continue to strengthen its internal management, focus on strengthening the team construction of teachers, deepen the curriculum reform, fully implement the quality education and promote the running grade of school with stronger momentum.

The school has strong incentives to use the motto “Carry forward the traditional culture and cultivate elegant youth.” as its guiding principle for characteristic campus construction. The school will promote students’ comprehensive development as a goal and take enhancing students’ eight comprehensive qualities as a main task. The school will also comprehensively strengthen the teaching routine management and cultivate students’ good manners and good habits of study. The school will invest more scientific teaching research and comprehensively enhance the quality of teaching. The school will actively carry out club activities such as The Campus Dance, Gukhak and rope skipping.

The school has successively received the honors listed below:
Civilized School of Guangdong Province.
Red Flag Brigade of Guangdong Province
Moral Education model School of Shenzhen
Civilized School of Shenzhen.
Drug Education Model School of Shenzhen.
Experimental School for Charity Education of Shenzhen.
Moral Education Model School of Guangming New District
Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization of Guangming New District

In June 2013, with the authorization from the Finance Bureau of Guangming New District, Li Song Lang Primary School will become a nine-year education school in the future. Also, the school will adhere to the principle of high starting point and high standard in order to turn Li Song Lang Primary School into a school with modern education concepts, beautiful environment, outstanding academic results, distinguished features and a group of excellent teachers.

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